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What is TikTok Money Calculator? This is the definition, examples and benefits

TikTok money calculator is an application that has the function of calculating the amount of profit from content that has succeeded in making other TikTok users aggressive. But you also have to remember that this final income is only an estimate.

Because the potential income of each really depends on the niche, country, and the type of content TikTok clicks on by people which is currently booming. This is also the reason because TikTok money calculator is not an official application issued by TikTok.

This is just an extension of Google Chrome that can be found on certain sites such as influencer marketing hub and likegram. Although not directly developed by Tijtok, this estimate is considered quite accurate and functional for marketers’ needs.

TikTok Money Calculator Example

TikTok Money Calculator Example

Here are some examples from the TikTok money calculator:

1. Pixel Feed
Pixel feed is the first tool you can use to find out how much revenue your TikTok account is making. Steps to calculate it is also quite easy. Click people, you only need to enter your username. Then wait for the application to finish processing the data. Later you will get data about the strength of income and the value of engagement from your account.

2. Influencer Marketing Hub
You can also use the Hub Install Influencer. It’s the same with Pixel, you just enter your username and the site will start calculating your account’s income strength data. However, the interesting thing about the Influencer Marketing Hub is that it provides more data such as overall videos, followers, likes, engagement rates, and the strength of their income.

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3. Exolite
Even though the appearance of Exolite is quite simple, you can also use this to calculate how much the revenue power of your TikTok account is. Exolite is ready to provide complete data such as the number of followers, Luke, the number of uploaded videos, and your estimated income.

More or less, have you started to understand about this TikTok money calculator? If you really want to get income from TikTok, make sure to use the tool first before giving a rate car. Then make sure you have useful content. So that the content can be used as a provision to increase income.